Busy for more than thirty years

RibbleBox is translating cartboard, aluminium and synthetic materials into remarkable products.

In the past years RibbleBox has evolved into a versatile manufacturer of folders, bags, flip charts, displays, show cases, ring binders, sleeves, carry-cases and wedding albums. Get personally acquainted with our assortment (consisting of more than 800 standard models) and you'll be amazed at the possibilities we can offer you.

Customers make still higher demands on packing-materials. Thinking of users's friendliness, weight, custom-made-work, design, many-sided use, renewing character, solidity and the use of ecological materials. RB has the disposal of the know-how and the survey to manufacture the nicest folders, cases and ringbinders and is able to give this assortment a special radiation. Consequently RB is capable to distiguish from other suppliers as to modelling, performance an printing.